Top 3 Attractions in Fuerteventura

One of Spain’s most popular tourist attractions is located 100km off the coast of North Africa and plays host to some of the best beaches you will expect to find on vacation. Fuerteventura is commonly the place most golfers and water sports fanatics head to for their extended time away from work.

It is the ideal spot for water sports; particularly those who have an interest in windsurfing, waterskiing or surfing. Tourists believe that Fuerteventura is the jewel within the Canary Island crown, and they are right. Along with being the second biggest island (after Tenerife), it remains tranquil, despite being a popular location for retiring ex-pats.

Oasis Park

This is the perfect day out for everyone; whether you are travelling with children or with a partner. Not only is it one of the largest water parks in the whole of Spain, but it also plays host to a unique hands-on experience with animals. Located over 800,000m2, with certain areas protected by shelter away from the sun, you will find beautiful flora colours among the 3000 animals that call Oasis Park home. There is a Botanic Garden where you will find the largest garden cactus in Europe.

There isn’t just fun to be had here, but your visit will be educational; with four live spaces to uncover the secret habits of parrots, sea lions, and reptiles. If that isn’t enough, you can get into direct contact with lemurs, camels and sea lions.

Among the animals that you can expect to see are African elephants and Canarian camel’s; with the latter of the two being the largest camel reserve in Europe. Furthermore, there is extensive research being taken by the Park to find out the health benefits that camel milk can have on humans; which you can learn all about when you visit. Oasis Park is open every day of the year; with free pick up and drop off from certain points of the island.

Tindaya Mountain

Fuerteventura’s divine beauty is never hard to find, and Tindaya epitomises that. The mountain is located on the north of the island and is considered to be magical among locals. This is proven by over 300 engravings in the various shapes; adding great archaeological value to Tindaya.

The mountain stands at 400 metres, and due to the flat ground around the island; it is easy to see from various locations on the island. There are multiple ways to venture up Tindaya, but the best is located on the south side. Here you will be able to get up close and personal and appreciate all its colourful beauty. At the bottom of the mountain, you will find a selection of shop where you can pick up that much-needed water to deal with the dry and hot Fuerteventura climate.

Playa de la Barca

It is incredibly difficult to pick the best beach to settle on; especially considering the amount of choice that there is in Fuerteventura. Playa de la Barca is found in the south of the island. Much like other beaches on the island, there is a uniqueness; which is when a section of the beach fills with water at high tide, to create a lagoon of sorts. It is unusual as this only occurs every two weeks when there is a half or full moon. If you are travelling with children, it is ideal as they can paddle in a protected area here, away from the experienced surfers.

Playa de la Barca

The Surfboarding and Kiteboarding World Cup takes place on this beach every summer and is the most popular sport in the area; no matter the time of the year you visit there will be people kite surfing. Other water sports that you can get involved in include beach sailing and stand up paddleboarding.…